2008 was the year when my little man Gary was born and that was the year when Iron Man was first released. I remember how my husband Jason would sit with him and watch Iron Man and Iron Man 2 while tending to Gary. Now Gary has become an ardent fan of Marvel Comics’ characters that his bedroom is entirely Iron Man themed and has six kinds of Iron Man suits as costumes and nightwear. Identity Direct Coupon Code at SuperSaverMama has helped me gift Gary various items customised with his favourite superhero featured on them. Apart from that, my younger boy Stevie loves Captain America and he loves items centred on Captain America.

Thankfully, none of them fight with each other but dressed up as Captain America & Iron Man for Halloween not only brought out laughter but awe & joyful complements from the neighbourhood. Stevie is athletic, sturdy and jumps around a lot while Gary is a little slow than him. Stevie is the naughtiest and is 3 years younger than him hence his hyper and naughty behaviour.

Stevie has always been different: He loves the colour blue and when he was born Captain America: The First Avenger was released. His room was themed on Captain America by his father (My Husband Jason) and he even dressed little Stevie as a mini Captain America on his first birthday. Since he’s the youngest, he demands Captain America items even more and at times Marvel merchandise can run out of stock easily.

This is where Identity Direct came in handy. Since I signed up for their deals I customised Towels, story books, mats, bed sheets, soccer balls, mug and rugby balls with Iron Man & Captain America featured on them. Though we sometimes tease both of them by making them watch Captain America: Civil War, nonetheless both my little princes are on good terms with each other and have never quarrelled unless it was something big.

Talk about having kids having a penchant for super heroes, my husband Jason is unusual as he prefers Wolverine over other superheroes and has a Wolverine T-Shirt which he refuses to throw away. Not only has he sealed as a memorabilia but I gifted him a customised Wolverine T shirt as well.

Now, I’m getting a customised Captain Marvel towel, mug and T shirt for myself real soon. Watch out Jason! Here I come!

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