For those who don’t know makeup, it seems like a complicated concept that can’t easily be handled. However, take it from me, if you know the basics then you know everything. What better way to know the basics, than understanding your foundation. I know, I know, applying the foundation is quite easy, but as a beginner in makeup, I’ve found that how you put on your foundation has the ability to make and break your makeup. However, you also have to make sure you buy the products that work well with your skin that’s usually why I pick out the products from Nude by Nature. It’s better when I avail Super Saver Mama’s Nude by Nature Promo Codes. It makes their products much more affordable than they already are!

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Back to the basics

If you’re a beginner like me, then there are one too many things that you need to know. When you use natural mineral makeup, you’re already bettering your chances of having better skin. However, even regardless, I noticed that I often ended up with terrible makeup. I bet you can relate with me! Here are a few things I noticed I was doing wrong:

The wrong lighting: Apparently Australian mineral makeup needs proper lighting in order to get your makeup right. It’s actually true! When I applied foundation with less lighting, it was very different from the one with a bright light. That’s why I say; always put light on top of the mirror you’re using. That’s the only way you get the perfect makeup!

Checking the color: Oh now this is important; whenever I used to pick the foundation from the best mineral makeup brands, I check the tone against my wrist. Don’t do it! Your wrist, neck and face are of different shades. That means you need to check the tone against your chin or jawline. Trust me on this one!

Dab, Dab, Dab!: Word of advice; when you’re putting on the foundation, rubbing it would mean wiping it all off. What you need to do is dab it evenly on your face.

If you try these tips, then your makeup will improve quite a lot. Also, try checking out organic mineral makeup provided by Nude by Nature and you’ll see significant changes in your makeup! Trust me, I tried it too, and I’m quite happy with the results.

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